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Global Projects

All the organisations partnered with or supporting  the d_city global technology network are rolling out workplans towards a robust and reliable 3D digital model of planet Earth and its atmosphere.

Two programs of projects are specifically proposed by d_city for potential groups of collaborators from research, government, commerce and citizens/civil society. They are:

Online Planning for New Eco-Cities

Using these participants, d_city’s first priority is to establish a global chain of case studies for ‘Online Planning of Eco Cities’ – applying dynamic digital information about the earth’s natural environmental systems, to better inform the eco-sensitive planning of large new urban developments.

Discussions have begun with senior executives at UN-HABITAT (and other relevant UN programmes) about the appropriate processes for appointing 15 eminent professors as members of a Global Research Leaders Group. The GRLG will thought-lead advances in the five d_city research themes (see right), and strategies for research participants in the online planning case studies.
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Virtual Cities, Nations and Continents

Many developed cities already have commissioned 3D virtual simulations of their built environments and some are now modelling underground infrastructure as well. But there is still much to be done to integrate databases and models of both built and natural environments. Negotiations are just beginning within the digital Earth and spatial information communities to exploit emerging national spatial data infrastructure (SDI) systems to create virtual nations and, via existing regional societies of spatial technologies experts, combine the national infrastructures and models to form virtual continents and regions.