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World Urban Campaign

Launched during the Closing Ceremony of UN-HABITAT’s fifth World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 26 March 2010, the World Urban Campaign has been conceived as a global PPP (public-private partnership) to accelerate solutions for humanity’s major challenges.

The campaign has an international steering committee of public and private sector activists and leaders, chaired by Nicholas You, a senior strategist in the Nairobi-based Office of UN-HABITAT’s Executive Director, Mrs Anna Tibaijuka.

The campaign is intended to engage as partners, leaders of governments, corporations, research and civil society organisations and urban development professionals and scientists to work together to advance solutions for people living in cities. Among the first to sign partnership agreements with UN-Habitat were leaders of Siemens and the Siemens Foundation, Veolia Environment, Arcadis engineering, the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, the Institut des Sciences and des Technologies de l”Equipement et de l”Environment pour le Developpement, Zerofootprint and Pressgroup Holdings.

Watch the World Urban Campaign video below:

Global Land Tool Network

The Global Land Tools Network is a UN-HABITAT project with potential to help lead the d_city (data cities) technology network’s first series of case studies, towards Online Planning of Eco Cities. The GLTN is led by Mohamed El-Sioufi, Head of the Shelter Branch, Global Division of the UN Human Settlements program.

THE GLTN aims to:

• Establish a continuum of land rights, rather than just focus on individual land titling,
• Improve and develop pro poor land management as well as land tenure tools,
• Unblock existing initiatives; assist in strengthening existing land networks,
• Improve global coordination on land; assist in the development of gendered tools which are affordable and useful to grassroots operators, and
• Improve dissemination of knowledge about how to implement security of tenure.

Learn more about the Global Land Tool Network here