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Communications Partners


d_city’s current logo and branding guidelines were created in 2008 by FutureBrand, the international branding and business strategy agency. A member of the Interpublic communications consortium, FUB employs more than 500 communications professionals at 25 offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. It is best known for its annual rankings of countries as brands, and has begun to offer branding advice to cities.

Green World City

Founded by its CEO, Sein-way Tan, the Green World City Organization is a consortium of sustainable urban development professional services providers working in more than 120 countries. It is promoting a suite of framework and assessment diagnostic tools for application in planning new urban developments.

Global Urban Development

Global Urban Development is an international network of urban development professionals connected by American strategy consultant Marc A. Weiss and colleagues, now including finance specialist James Nixon as President of the group. Its current missions include lobbying for a global ban on burning coal, organising a chain of media/arts salons to educate performance artists and other creative services professionals about their relevance to the economic and social development of cities, and to lobby for setting up a Global Climate Prosperity Agreement, committing many public and private sector financing agencies to investing $US1 trillion in developing countries. (The Copenhagen Accord has now promised to establish a Green Climate Fund committing $100 billion to developing countries and small island states.)