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Established by MIT future of civic media researcher Jeffrey Warren and supporters, grassrootsmapping is catalysing a potential international swarm of community projects which can use camera-carrying helium balloons to take aerial photos and movies of specific locations worth recording for local cultural, historical or political reasons. Check the scene at here.

Chris Harrison

A PhD student with the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Chris Harrison is the cutting edge of interaction techniques and input technologies; he has invented a new research discipline he calls instinctive interaction. Here’s his blog here

Andy Hudson-Smith

Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith is a cutting-edge research leader in digital geography with University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. Check his digitalurban blog here.


An international alliance of Europe-educated architects now with bases in Stuttgart, Dubai, Sydney and Shanghai, LAVA (Laboratory for Visionary Architecture) explores advanced geometries, technologies and bio-mimicry concepts. Track LAVA news here.

Manuel Lima

Manuel Lima, from Portugal and now based with Microsoft Bing in New York, is an outstanding interaction designer and information architect widely admired for his expertise in the elite community of digital artists concerned with visualising complex networks. Check Manuel’s CV here. His site showcasing examples and ideas is here. His personal blog is here. His latest book is Visual Complexity from Princeton University Press.

Peter Murphy

Describing himself merely as a ‘photographer’, Peter Murphy is creatively exploiting the latest digital panoramic geographic imaging technologies to scan Sydney’s belated post-Olympics creative renaissance – one freaky party at a time. Check his latest projects here. Peter’s Spherical Sydney is the main image on our Home page.

Smart Light

Directed by Sydney-bred international light art engineer and music composer Mary-Anne Kyriakou since 2007, the Smart Light energy-audited urban light art festivals are creating a dynamic new clean-atmosphere art discipline and challenging traditional ideas of paintings on the walls of galleries. The first two festivals were Smart Light Sydney 2009 here and Smart Light Singapore 2010 here, other cities coming soon. Also check here