CITY INFORMATION MODELLING | Sixteen leading digital architecture professors have formed an international club to help develop a Japanese virtual and augmented reality game engine system for simulating and improving road and traffic conditions.

Founded by Professor Yoshihiro Kobayashi of Arizona State University, the World16 group uses the UC-win/Road (up and coming Windows-based road simulation system) software developed by FORUM8 AZ, a Japan-headquartered architecture, engineering and construction solutions consortium.

Academics annointed by Forum8AZ to attend the twice-annual World16 research presentations include Professors Kobayashi, Kostas Terzidis (Harvard), Marcos Novak (University of California Santa Barbara), Taro Narahara (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Thomas Tucker (Winston-Salem State University) Matthew Swarts (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ruth Ron (University of Florida), Ron Hawker (Zayed University), Wael Abdelhameed (University of Bahrain), Tomohiro Fukuda (Osaka University), Paolo Fiamma (University of Pisa), Marc-Aurel Schnabel and Inge Qu (Chinese University of Hong Kong), and Michael Jemtrud and Nik Luka (McGill University).

The FORUM8 research group is partly inspired by other corporate-sector initiatives aimed to promote particular simulation and modelling software packages to research and professional leaders. Other initiatives include the Autodesk University (large annual conferences of Autodesk product users) and the Smart Geometry¬† conferences and workshops established by a small group of London-based academic, industry and architectural leaders using Bentley Systems’ Generative Components creative wire model sculpturing modules. (The Bentley staff inventor of GC, Robert Aish, is now with Autodesk).